Snowbird trip gallery

2018 snowbird trip gallery

I wrote a post about Snowbird last year and why I love it.  It’s a sharp contrast from their famous 1 star review ad campaign.  This place is awesome and it’s for people who truly enjoy skiing and snowboarding.  I’m already looking forward to my trip back next year.  I have just a few pictures I wanted to share from my most recent trip t.  Scroll though quickly and enjoy.  If you’s like to read my full write up on the mountain, click here.

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Sweet potato hash

What’s sweet potato hash all about?

Sweet potato hash has become a breakfast classic in our home.   Many of my blog posts leave you wondering what I’m talking about exactly.  Then after you wonder, I bait you in to clicking and reading on (at least I like to think I do).  Well, I’m going with the same formula here and probably will continue to do so in the future.  I’ll tell ya Sweet potato hash is real good, real tasty, and doesn’t take much effort to make it yourself.  Go read ahead and let’s go through  together how to make a great breakfast!

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Sweet Salty and Spicy Sandwich Heaven

sandwich heaven – where’s that actually?

So do you have to die to go to sandwich heaven?  Contrary to popular belief the answer is no!  So, how do I get there then you might be asking.  If that’s the case, keep reading and I’ll take you there – to the promise land that is. (and you don’t even have to join a cult).  The land of sweet, salty, and spicy sandwich heaven!

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Chicken Soup, the ultimate winter time comfort food

What is it about chicken soup?

Isn’t chicken soup the ultimate winter time comfort food?  Weather you are sick, or cold, or both there’s just something about chicken soup that makes us all feel good.  What makes it so special?  No clue, but I do have a great recipe that you’ll love for some great winter time chicken soup therapy.  Check it out, cozy up by the fire and get ready for this version of an all time classic!

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